The Stourpaine Parish Plan updated - 17 October 2013

In 2007, Stourpaine Parish Council published its parish plan.  As most of the action points included in this plan have now been completed, Stourpaine Parish Council decided the time was right to undertake an update to this plan.  This update was to be obtained by seeking the opinions of parish residents, social groups, societies and local businesses on issues that they consider matter to them. An “Update Team” was established and the bulk of the consultation began with an open day “Stourpaine Matters” which was held in the Stourpaine village hall on the 6th October 2012.  The results of this consultation were used to design questionnaires which were hand delivered to all households in the parish of Stourpaine during mid November 2012.  Following analysis of the information collected during the research period, at the open day and from the completed questionnaires, a detailed report was written for submission to and adoption by Stourpaine Parish Council.  The report was formally adopted by the Council at a meeting on the 19th September 2013.  This report contains a summary of actions that the Update Team recommend should be undertaken by Stourpaine Parish Council, other parties and interested individuals. The main action points covered subjects such as: Establishing ways in which the roads in the village could be made safer Improving communication among local residents on issues that could be of interest to them Encouraging safe use of the Trailway for all users Introducing a wider range of sports and social activities for local residents Continuing to provide safe play areas and equipment for local children to enjoy Pursuing any opportunities to help protect individual properties in Stourpaine from flooding Improving the maintenance of local paths and hedgerows Dealing with waste issues – recycling facilities, dog waste Providing a welcome pack for new residents Establishing a team of volunteers to help local residents who may need help Preparing a Village Design Statement and a Neighbourhood Plan Copies of a summary of action points contained in the report were distributed to each household in the parish with the aim of informing all residents of the outcome of the work.
The Holy Trinity Church tower, the Moon and St George - (c) George McCavitt, 2012

Our Village Plan

Our Village Plan

Stourpaine is our village in the Blackmore Vale in North Dorset, England, on the River Stour

The Village Plan

This   is   part   of   a   government   initiative   directed   by   the   Countryside   Agency   and   administered   locally   by   Dorset   Community Action.



The   2007   Stourpaine   Parish   Plan   is   being   updated .      An   Open   Day was   held   on   the   06   October   2012   in   the   Village   Hall   for   residents   to make    comments    and    voice    their opinions. The       following       Forms       were delivered   to   you   and   are   provided here for reference:
Download The UPDATE (Young Persons) Form
Download The UPDATE (Adults) Form
Download The UPDATE Introductory Guide
Download The Request for Help Form
Download The 2007 Parish Plan


Download The 2103 Parish Plan update