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Dear Stourpaine Resident

As you may know the government has announced new funds for rural bypasses. There have been plans to bypass Shaftesbury and the A350/C13 for many decades but no money was available. This is a rare chance to get something done to reduce the number of HGVs on the A350.

At the same time North Dorset District Council (NDDC) are asking local people their views on the council plans to 2031, called a Local Plan. Part of this consultation asks whether the land currently identified and safeguarded for the Shaftesbury Outer Bypass should continue to be safeguarded. Your parish council, Shaftesbury Town Council and all the other parish councils on the A350 would like your help to keep the land safeguarded for a possible future bypass otherwise any future options will have gone forever.

What do I need do to ?

The NDDC consultation asks whether you agree with a specific set of questions. We are interested in Question 29 which asks:

Q29. Do you consider that the land which is identified and safeguarded for the Shaftesbury Outer Bypass and the Charlton Marshall and Spetisbury Bypass should continue to be identified and safeguarded for such purposes?

You have to reply via a form which we have attached. We would ask that you fill in your name, address, postcode, telephone number and email address in Part A and then just click on the “Yes” box for Question 29. If you want to answer any more questions that’s fine but when you are finished please send it to:


This must be done by 5.00 pm on 22nd January for your opinion to count.

If you wish you can see the whole Local Plan at:

Thank you so much for your help.
Stourpaine Parish Council

Marianne Wheatley
Parish Clerk – Stourpaine Parish Council
Tel: 01305 873838

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