Better Broadband for North Dorset – a Letter

Better Broadband for North Dorset

Better Broadband for North Dorset

Dear Resident,
During the last few months you have registered an interest in the Trailway to the Future broadband project, and last week we invited you to a meeting where we would explain the various ways that you could invest in the project.
We had our first meeting this Wednesday morning which was very well attended and generated a lot of useful Q&A and discussion.  However, a number of you had suggested that an evening meeting would be more convenient, and we have therefore arranged for a follow up session next Wednesday evening, 20th March at 6.00pm in the New Parish Rooms in Blandford DT11 7DN. The Parish Rooms are situated directly opposite the main Post Office.
We have set up two very straightforward means to invest on a tax-efficient basis, within the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) framework: either via a Fund, where your money is invested across a diversified range of rural broadband projects, of which The Trailways is one of the largest; or directly into North Dorset Broadband, via the website.  The meeting on Wednesday will discuss the project itself, the investment proposition, and the mechanics of actually investing – all in a ‘user-friendly’ way!
The Trailways project has been community-led from the start, and its prospects will be even further enhanced if it can also be substantially community-owned.  Your support is therefore very important! 
We look forward to seeing you on the 20th. Please RSVP to
Best regards,
Steve Adamson
Project Team Leader
Trailway to the Future Project


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2 Responses to Better Broadband for North Dorset – a Letter

  1. corndon says:

    Another question – is is this all a non-starter?
    The Fund the Gap detail shows 1% invested with a close day of 28 March so where does the magic come from to gee on potential investors like me.
    The presentation gives confirmation of DEFRA support slipped from January to May. As far as I can see, I shall only now consider myself as a future customer.

  2. corndon says:

    I can’t go to the meeting but I hope someone in the village does and can ask about the comparison with the recent debacle in South Yorkshire:
    Daily Telegraph 13 March 2013 and if there are any similarities or scope for loss for investors.

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